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We're seeking caring, compassionate homes for our five treasured cats due to upcoming work travel. Each of our feline friends has a unique personality, and we're heartbroken to part with them, but it's important they find new families who will cherish them as much as we do. Please read through their descriptions and get in touch with us if you're serious about providing them with a forever home.

Tigger: Our oldest cat, rescued from a dire situation as a kitten, has grown into a laid-back companion who thrives with undivided attention. Tigger prefers to be the sole cat and isn't a fan of sharing his space with other pets. He's the perfect companion for someone who wants a low-key yet affectionate friend.

Simba: This shy but sweet cat came to us two years after Tigger. Simba enjoys his own space and will approach you on his terms, so he's ideal for someone who appreciates a calm, gentle demeanor. Once he trusts you, he's a truly affectionate companion.

Charlie: Once a feral cat, Charlie has become a gentle giant in our home. Weighing close to 20 pounds, he's a big boy with a big heart. He's perfect for someone who enjoys a sweet and steady presence.

Kitboga: Abandoned on our porch, Kitboga stayed because he found a family who loved him. He’s cuddly and affectionate, though he may use his claws playfully to keep you close. He shares a special bond with Tommy, and we'd love to find them a home together.

Tommy: Rescued while very ill, Tommy has become an energetic and loving companion. He's curious and enjoys watching you go about your day. Tommy loves to play and can get a bit mischievous, especially with cords, so he needs a cat-proofed home. He would be well paired with any of the other cats if looking for two cats.

If any of these wonderful cats sound like the perfect addition to your family, please contact us at eight-six-five-two-eight-six-eight-six-7-seven or eight-six-five-three-one-two-zero-zero-nine-six. Serious inquiries only, please. This has been a very emotional process, and we want to ensure these cats go to loving, permanent homes. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us find the perfect homes for our feline family.

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