House Cleaning-17 Yrs Experience-Owner is the Cleaner (Knoxville & Surrounding Areas)

I am seeking new clients for residential house cleaning services.

I only have a few spots left to fill! I have a $100 minimum at this time.

My clients always tell me I am the best cleaner they have ever had.

Some Testimonials:

“Michelle is the quintessential house keeper! With a full time psychotherapy practice and state licensed wild life rehab facility I was drowning. Michelle came into my life and finally I found joy again. She is happy to help with whatever I need done and around here, that can vary from minute to minute. She also helps me with my Airbnb. Our house smells divine every time she comes and she has brought order where there was chaos! She is an answer to a prayer and we love her like family!"
-Doreen, Kodak, TN

“As a real estate broker, I've used a lot of professional cleaners both in my own home and real estate listings I'm getting ready to market. I have not come across a better cleaner than Michelle. She is thorough, very efficient with her time, and trustworthy. We work from home and she was always so pleasant, polite and respectful of our space. I would use her exclusively for everything if she hadn't moved out of Washington State. I was delighted to hear she opened her business back up in Tennessee. Take my advice and hire Michelle now because once word gets out her calendar is going to fill up from referrals! You will not be disappointed in her services!"
-Maggie, Bellingham, WA

More testimonials at bottom of ad.

Note: This is a long and thorough ad to answer any and all of your questions (cuts down on emailing back and forth) Feel free to scroll past if you aren't interested in details and just want to look at rates which are listed 1/3 of the way down (look for the section titled “RATES for Residential Homes”.)


I have 17 years experience in commercial and residential cleaning. Being a business owner, I bring experience and care with a high level of excellence and customer service while providing a personable, positive experience for you, the client. According to my clients I am the most reliable and best cleaner they have ever had. Some have even said I am like a daughter to them. I am great at what I do and I actually enjoy it! When you bring someone into your home on a regular basis, you are bringing them into your life. You want that person to be pleasant and someone you can trust, it’s not just about the cleaning.

Some of the other qualities I bring are: Maturity, cheerful, spiritual, pleasant to be around, consistency, drama free, a hard worker, pet-friendliness, respectful, reliable, honest, punctual, detail oriented and the same smiling face every time!

More than just house cleaning I bring positivity and fresh energy. It's hard to find the whole package in a cleaner, and I am it!


I provide all my own cleaning supplies and products. I prefer to work with natural, non-toxic cleaners if you don't mind (except in the bathrooms)

*Note: In bathrooms I use a new disposable Clorox toilet bowl wand/cleaner and soft scrub in the tub/showers. I also use a new duster in each house. Nothing is ever transferred from one house to the other. I also clean out my vacuum between houses and use clean/fresh rags with each house. (It’s amazing how many cleaners use the same dirty rags, dusters or toilet wands in each house!)

*Knowledge and ability to clean and organize all rooms.
*Use of care when handling valuable items.
*Applying or not applying cleaners on delicate surfaces.
*A keen eye for dirt and grime: Above door frames and door panel corners, under couch cushions, corners and edges of floors, walls and baseboards, picture frames, etc.

I clean the bathroom floor on my hands and knees folks!


*Mud rooms/Entryway: Tidy up, remove cobwebs, wipe off counters, sweep or vacuum floor and mop.
*Living rooms: Tidy up, remove cobwebs, dust fans or light fixtures, dust window blinds and seals, spot clean windows, clean glass doors, dust cabinets, polish wood surfaces, dust electronics, vacuums couch, pillows fluffed, baseboards dusted.
*Kitchen: Tidy up, dust cobwebs, spot clean windows, clean glass doors, wash dishes (allow extra time) scrub sink, drain and drain stoppers and shine faucet, wipe down all outside cupboards (allow extra time if dirty), counters and cabinets, wipe down outside fridge, clean microwave (inside and out) clean stove top, garbage taken out, wipe baseboards, sweep and mop floors. (Inside oven and inside fridge and inside cabinets available upon request only. Please allow extra time and cost.)
*Dining Room: Tidy up, remove cobwebs, spot clean windows, clean table and chairs, wipe baseboards, sweep and mop.
*Halls: Dust cobwebs and light fixtures, wipe baseboards, sweep and mop, shake rugs outside, and vacuum.
*Bathrooms: Remove cobwebs, dust light fixtures, garbage cans emptied, clean and shine mirrors, clean shower stall and bathtub (with soft scrub), clean shower doors, clean sinks and countertops, clean toilet (new Clorox toilet wand), wipe baseboards, rugs shaken, sweep and hand mopped.
*Bedrooms: Remove cobwebs, dust window blinds, spot clean windows, dust all surfaces, straighten up, make beds, change sheets (if requested, allow extra time), wipe baseboards, vacuum or sweep (won't touch knick-knacks if asked not to.)
*Wood floors: Vacuum and mop. For wood floors I use vinegar and water, Method wood floor cleaner or Bona, your choice.


I am currently only looking for:
*Once a week
*Once every other week
*Once a month


I live in Blaine (NE Knox). I can travel up to 1 hour (one way) The cities listed below are my drive time limits in each direction:

West Knox: Farragut (Oak Ridge too far)
North Knox: Maynardville (Norris Lake too far)
South Knox: Maryville (Vonore and Townsend are too far)
N. East Knox: Morristown (Greenville too far)
S. East Knox: Kodak, Sevierville OK. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg (need a 5 hour minimum)


I charge $30 per hour.

I have a $100 minimum per cleaning at this time.

There is a flat rate of $100 for anything under 3.5 hours


My rates are $40 per hour for specialized deep cleaning (cabins/VRs or homes that have not been deep cleaned in a long time.)

I have a 5 hour minimum ($200) for deep cleaning

I will need to see the property before I can commit to cleanings and to give you a more accurate quote.


Please reply to this ad with your name, phone number and best time to call for a free, no obligation quote. I prefer to talk on the phone before we meet to avoid scammers.

I will need to visit your home to meet you in person, see the property and discuss your needs to give you a more accurate quote and before I will be able to commit to cleaning. This initial meeting is important to make sure we are both comfortable with each other and if I am comfortable with the job. My husband will be accompanying me to our first meeting.


This is a list of all the extra “add-ons” I can include in your cleaning.

Please be aware that extra “add-on's" do increase my time which in turn drives the price up. Please allow for extra time and cost. If you have a budget, we may need to skip these things:

*Changing bed sheets
*Laundry (doing and folding)
*Dishes (beyond just a few)
*Organization (rooms/closets/drawers etc.)
*Inside oven
*Inside fridge
*Inside cabinets
*Outside cabinets (if really dirty/grimy-beyond a few spots)
*Sweeping porches
*Washing walls (with magic erasers)
*Inside windows and window seals
*Unusually messy cleanups (after a party for example)
*Heavily cluttered rooms
*Under heavy furniture (may need help moving)
*Spare/Guest or other rooms that I don’t normally do
*Other special tasks (cleaning/organizing related)

Spots fill up fast! I usually have a waiting list for my services but I recently moved to Knoxville. I will be full again soon!

Please respond to this ad with your name and phone number. I will give you a call to set up a time to meet in person for your free, no-obligation quote. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Excellent references available upon request.

Some of my testimonials are below (Feel free to check out my facebook page where you can see these testimonials for yourself at https://www.facebook.com/lavenderandlemonnaturalcleaning )


"Michelle is personable, thorough and affordable. It was wonderful to come home to such a clean and orderly house, even if it didn't stay that way long with our three dogs! Michelle is also very trustworthy, and the natural cleaning products that are pet safe is another plus. Definitely recommend!"-Angie, Knoxville

"Michelle is the best cleaner! My experience with her is that she is genuine and gracious and makes me feel totally at ease having her in my home. My dogs and cats adore her! Her cleaning expertise is top notch. She is thorough, detailed and consistent. The biggest bonus is that everything smells so good when she's finished! I highly recommend Michelle."
-Julie, Blaine, TN

Michelle does a great job cleaning the house! She’s been helping us for the past year and is super reliable, works quickly and is thorough. Highly recommended.
-Rita, Knoxville

Michelle is a fantastic cleaner! She is very thorough, punctual, efficient and goes above and beyond - every single time. She's thoughtful and lovely to be around as well. I can't recommend Michelle enough.
-Bailey, Washington State

Michelle cleaned our home for several years. She was very reliable, detailed, trustworthy and I knew she’d do exactly what I asked. I’ve had many other house cleaners and she by far was my best cleaner. I was sad to see her go. I would absolutely recommend her!
-Jerene, Washington State

“Michelle is the best cleaner… and has reasonable prices. She discussed my needs ahead of time based on my budget and I couldn’t be happier. I always look forward to cleaning days. Her cleaning products smell so good and not chemically. She is always on time and leaves me with a beautifully clean house… couldn’t ask for more!”
-Dana, Knoxville, TN

Michelle sets the gold standard for home cleaning. She was a true partner to our family and helped us to keep life running smoothly. I miss her terribly (she moved away 😭) and recommend her without reservation. -Erin, Washington State

I’ve known Michelle for a long time. Im a full time RN and recently moved into her area. She spearheaded a move-in clean for my new home (I’m definitely not a cleaner!) Her focus and attention to detail are things that I would never have thought of. I love using natural cleaners vs harsh chemicals so her use of natural cleaners was definitely a plus for me. If you need anything cleaned, Michelle is your girl! -Diana, Knoxville

I highly recommend Michelle, she is very reliable, hard working and prompt. You can feel completely comfortable leaving your home in her capable and trustworthy hands, knowing that she will not only do an outstanding job for you, but will be a pleasure to work with as well!
-Emma, Washington State

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