Meishan Gilts - $120 (Maryville)

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make / manufacturer: Meishan
We have three gilts available. The mom is pure Meishan but we are not sure if the dad is Meishan or Mangalica, she accidentally got exposed to both. All eleven of her liter are all Meishan looking, but we cannot say absolutely that they are pure.

They defy all classical descriptions of typical swine behavior:

Meishans that receive proper nutrition have the lowest environmental impact of any hog breed on pastures and woodlots.
They do not test fences. Meishans do not harass or attack other livestock.
Meishan pigs are a true grazing hog.
Adult Meishans do not squeal or scream (unless in heat).
They are an incredibly sedentary pigs that sleeps most of the day. You often have to wake them at feeding time.
Meishans thrive on pasture.
While they do not grow as fast as commercial breeds, their growth typically outpaces that of other popular heritage breeds.
Their large litters and mothering capabilities also set them apart from popular heritage breeds. The hyper productivity of the hog and its documented superior mothering abilities allows farmers to maintain smaller, less expensive breeding herds while still achieving the same number of piglets for use or sale. Their docile nature requires less infrastructure (ie: electric fences) and manpower.

Meishan meat is an incomparable combination of tenderness, succulence and flavor. Meishans produce an intensely micro-marbled red meat pork. (Yes! Red meat!) Meishan lard and fats are significantly lighter, finer and render at lower temperatures than other breeds. The result is incredibly tender meat as compared to more common swine breeds.

Meishan banyou (lard) is the highest-grade oil on the hog derived from caul fat which surrounds the internal organs. Banyou is prized in baking and cooking alike for its finer grain and lighter-on-the-pallet taste than commercial hog lards. In China, Meishans have been prized for their tenderness and flavor for centuries, known as the ‘wagu’ of pork.


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