Comfrey Root cutting; bocking 14;medicinal, arthritis;fertilizer - $5 (Talbott)

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Bulk discount: 10+ roots are $4 EACH. 20+ roots are $3 EACH.

This order is for ONE small, 1-1.5 INCH dormant Comfrey (Symphytum uplandicum) root (looks like a stick and may be thicker or thinner than shown) that is packed in damp paper toweling and ready to plant. Each piece of root will grow to a large 4 foot tall plant so plant them about 3 feet apart. If you happen to get a small plant, it is a bonus. Comfrey can be kept in a pot for a few weeks but it needs plenty of room since it grows 3-4 feet tall, about 3 feet in diameter and it spreads by root--roots can go down 8 FEET to draw up nutrients! Plant it now and watch it begin to grow in the spring when your soil warms enough. Plant each root horizontally about 2 inches deep.
Comfrey needs partial shade to full sun and a moist soil. It grows well near a downspout, pond or stream. Ours likes the well mulched raised garden bed it's in.

Comfrey has beautiful, lilac, bell-shaped flowers and its hairy leaves are up to 15" long and 5" wide. Comfrey is also called "boneknit" since its allantoins speed HEALING of cuts, scrapes, bruises and broken bones. It is also very effective in treating ARTHRITIS. Just rub it on joints regularly. Comfrey was used by Native Americans many years ago and was even mentioned in Louis L'Amour's books.

Russian Bocking-14 comfrey is the most desirable cultivar for making tea to fertilize your garden with an NPK ratio 1.8 / 0.5 /5.3. Comfrey is a dynamic accumulator of nutrients, especially iron, silicon, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many trace minerals.

Save money on animal feed! Comfrey is used worldwide as an animal fodder. Dried comfrey leaves contain 26% protein. Although some animals enjoy comfrey fresh, if you find your animals do not like fresh comfrey, offer them comfrey which has wilted for a day or dried completely. The little silicon "hairs" on the leaves sometimes bother animals, though the problem is solved by allowing the leaves to wilt first. Comfrey is the only plant which harvests vitamin B-12 from the soil!

Use comfrey leaves to jump start your compost pile, especially piles made predominately from carbon heavy "browns" like dried leaves, straw, brush, wood chips or shavings, etc. Comfrey is an excellent green manure fertilizer!

Check out www.motherearthnews.com for more helpful info. Comfrey roots are dormant so give them several weeks to sprout (whenever your soil warms enough).

We DO NOT use pesticides or chemicals on our comfrey. We DO SHIP if you are too far away to pick them up.
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