Nubian Buck Blue Roan with Moonspots - $225 (Tellico Plains /Coker Creek)

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Nebula is a very friendly and tame boy, he is a handsome blue roan (black roan), with many moonspots and tan trim markings. He is from a dairy and good milk line. He was born 4-14-2021. I will consider trading for a Mini Nubian (or small standard) buck/buckling or doeling, of similar quality.

Please note; All sells are NOT finalized until animal and Cash have exchanged hands.
We keep a closed bio-secure farm, Absolutely No visitors allowed. I will gladly meet you at a public location with the animal/s, (please read below for details).

If the ad is still posted the animal is still available. I will meet at a short distance (within an hour of my farm) without fee or obligation to purchase, I can also meet at longer distances for a reasonable gas fee.

About Our Farm
We have been raising goats for 18 years, and are glad to give advice to anyone who ask. All of our goats are kept naturally, without the use of harsh chemical de-wormers or shots, when needed we worm with natural herbal de-wormers. We bottle raise all of our kids on their dam's milk by hand with plenty of petting and socialization, all are kept in our home for the first couple of weeks, before moving outside. Most kids are fully weaned between 4-6 months of age.
All of our goats are milk goats, we keep our goats for milk production and pleasure, we breed for hardiness, even temperament, milk production (including volume and length of lactation), sweet disposition, good conformation, natural resistance to diseases and worms.
All of our breeding stock does and bucks are sweet, gentle, and easy to handle. We hand milk all of our does on the ground without the use of a milk stand or leg restraints. All of our does are good producers, our .small does (22" to 25") give from 1 quart to 2 ½ quarts a day, and our big does (25" to 30") give a ½ gallon to 1 ¼ gallon a day. Their lactation duration averages over 10 months, with some reaching 22+ months to date.
All of our kids are sold all-natural, the way God made them, we do not disbud, tattoo, or castrate.
Nearly all of our kids are crosses since the above traits are of more importance to us than meeting a set standard for looks. Although most of our herd have their roots in registered stock, we do not register any of our goats.

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