Speaker Refoaming service (Oak Ridge)

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I'm offering a service to replace the dry-rotted or damaged foam surrounds on many pairs of home stereo speakers. After several years of use or storage, foam surrounds (the foam that "surrounds" the speaker cone, holding it aligned with the voice coil) begin to dry rot and disintegrate. This causes the cone to sag and begin to rub on the magnet, which makes the speaker sound bad. This damage can be repaired by replacing the rotted surround with a new, original quality surround and restore the speaker to like-new condition and sound. Why throw away those old, dry-rotted speakers when I can restore them for you at a fraction of the cost of a new pair of quality speakers? I have experience with Sony to Cerwin Vega and everything in between. I can also re-cover (new fabric) most speaker grilles, giving them a brand-new appearance! Read these actual customer testimonials:

"sorry i haven't had time to let you know how pleased i am with the cerwin vega's that you refoamed for me. they sound fantastic will recomend your services and will also be using your talents on my speakers in the future. thanks again," -Terry

"For Christmas my son gave me a new turntable for all the vinyl I hadn't played in years. When I brought out an old pair of Boston Acoustics A70s I planned to pair with the turntable, I found that the foam was completely gone due to their 30+ year age. Being fundamentally cheap I was looking thru Craigslist for something vintage, but affordable. Fortunately I found Andy's ad to re-foam speakers which I didn't even know could be done. After some research into the re-foaming process itself, I decide to give Andy a try. For a quarter of the price of "new" vintage speakers I've got my old BAs rocking again better than new ! If you're trying to figure out how to fix your speakers you can do no better than taking them to Andy." - Jeff

"Andy, I just listened to the vintage JBL speakers that you refoamed for me and they sound great. I thought they were a lost case but you brought them back to new condition. Great workmanship on the install too! Many thanks, Jim M."

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